Research Committee on Sociology of Communication,
Knowledge and Culture RC14

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Letter from the President

Dear colleagues and ISA-RC14 friends

Here is a message of welcome to all of you; pointing especially that as RC14 (Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture), we count on you in order to have “feedback” either on our committee activities or on your own activities and news related to the sociological analysis of communication, knowledge and culture. Brief book or article records are also welcome.


  1. Here are our ongoing news: we have 4 pending publications: two books (one in French and the other one in Greek) on the narratives of crisis (the publication of our Thessaloniki midterm conference), two monographic issues in the French Journal for Media Research: one on Globalization and the other one on the “Mises en Scene” of the contemporary politics (selected essays from the midterm conference of Vienna).


  1. As you all know, our forthcoming midterm conference is to be held in New Delhi on Media and Globalization next February: we are looking forward (together with your participation and thanks to the efforts of our Indian colleagues team) to make it a big scientific event, as it is our first conference in India: very important symbolically because of the theme and because of the place selected.


  1. I’m really worried to inform you all, that the second “participation” (which we had agreed to promote as RC14 participative activities) on “The Representation of the Relationship between Center and Periphery in the Contemporary Novel” (organized by the Universities of Lille 3 and Haifa for next May) will take place in Haifa but without our scientific involvement. The reason is that in a way NOT ACADEMIC AT ALL, the scientific committee has refused PhD students’ propositions not based on the quality of the proposition but on the fact that the proposition was given by a PhD student. Such an exclusion was not explained specifically in the call for papers and of course, RC14 (having as main goals the promotion of scientific knowledge on the themes of communication, knowledge and culture), finds this exclusion extremely not- deontological and academically incorrect, and is not allied with this kind of practices. Of course, another activity will take place instead (to be announced soon).


With my regards from Athens


Christiana Constantopoulou

RC14 President