Research Committee on Sociology of Communication,
Knowledge and Culture RC14

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The theatricalization of politics in the contemporary media and arts

Publication of Selected essays (in English) of the midterm conference in Athens (Aug. 29 to Sept. 1), 2017

Aspects of the contemporary culture. Japanese influences

Publication of the workshop held in Athens on the influence of the Japanese culture to the contemporary society (in Greek), 2017

Selected essays from the midterm conference of Thessaloniki - Greece in 2015 (in Greek), 2017 

Récits de la crise. Mythes et réalités de la société contemporaine, 2017

Selected papers of the RC14 mid-term conference in Thessaloniki - Greece in 2015.

French Journal for Media Research n°7/2017

Mises en scène du politique contemporain/Theatricalization of the Contemporary Politics

Récits et Fictions dans la Société Contemporaine
Selection of papers presented at RC14 sessions at ISA World Congress of Sociology, Gothenburg, 2010.
Edited by Christiana Constantopoulou.

Culture et Barbarie: Communication et Société Contemporaine
Papers presented at the RC14 mid-term conference in Athens. CD edition by Panteion University, October 2011

Barbaries Contemporaines 

Selected papers from essays the RC14 mid-term conference in Athens. Edited by Christiana Constantopoulou, L'Harmattan, Paris 2012

Médias et pouvoir, aspects du politique contemporaine

Hommage à Louis-Vincent Thomas. Edited by Christiana Constantopoulou, L'Harmattan, Paris 2015

Social Representations, Communication Media and Power (Christiana Constantopoulou Editor), in Greek, Papazisi, Athens 2014